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Finally, after 4 years of wait, I did it! Jumped out of a plane again, but this time in tandem. This was an amazing feeling, 1 min of free fall, rush of adrenaline and explosion of feelings!
From 13,000 feet to Earth without a scratch, good job gardian angel!

Only shadow on this accomplishment, is that I don’t feel like it was a big of a deal. No feeling of self-accomplishment…


Everytime I go there I feel like a loser. It is like I go in this filthy place to punish myself for what I am or what I am not…
What a disgusting feeling, but still, I eat there.
I can do better…

Nice and chill night with you, happy that you are back… Bonne nuit

What a long and terrible day! Last night was my roommate bday, celebration was memorable! We rocked the dance floor. This morning was a reall challenge, the afternoon was the longest ever…

Getting sick as well. But what a night!

I parked my Monster next to her younger sister this morning. I am sure they will have a lot to discuss… Hopefully she won’t talk shit about my ridding skills!

Post-weekend spleen probably… Day 8 will be sunnier.

Amazing Sunday! In bed untill 2:45pm, watched Ringu… Somewhat scary, I have seen scarrier. I survived my bday bash, woke up with some battle wounds (yes, I’m looking at you!). Lazy afternoon, with some cooking, tv. And ended this amazing weekend with a perfect romantic dinner, followed by 10 hours of sleep!

Bday bash today. Me and the roommate are celebrating with our friends. Rendezvous at cafe mum’s, for all you can eat/drink sake beer…
Black out in perspective! This was the best time I had in a long time…

But still, I am 27… Ouch

Our office decided to organize a field trip to the Walt Disney museum. Secretly located in the Presidio, the museum itself is beautiful, total immersion in the world of Disney. Amazing collection of original drawings as well. Don’t need more than 45 minutes… somewhat boring if you are not a fan

It has been only 3 days, and I already missed one post!
To my defense, yesterday’s top moment happened late. Russel Peters live. It was pretty good, some boring part, not so hilarious… But people aroud me seemed to be “ltao”