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Monthly Archives: November 2009

1 step in the right direction! I cleared my desktop, saved all my files on the network, organized my folders… What a good employee I am!


Looooong weekend = Absolute lazyness = no posts…

My only reader was upset, and gave me shit!

So here is a resume of those days…

“rhum and coke”

Black Friday today, I went downtown at 8 am, got myself some nice discounted shirts. I usually don’t wake up that early for shopping, it is just because on turkey day I was in bed at 9pm…

Zara made me smile today, it was like I was home for few seconds…

Turkey day today… As a good European I don’t care about this. So I decided to go on a ride. First time that I cross the Golden Gate bridge, wander around for few miles and ended up on the 1, direction North. I was amazed by this ride, this is my new beautiful secret place.

I made an unexpected encounter with a deer in the middle of the road. I parked right away, and followed the little guy that gave a little show for the camera.

It felt amazing

I am so funny… Get it?

I know lame….

Accomplishememt of the day… None beside setting up the 52″ HD tv we just got. This piece of technology is disgustingly awesome! We need a bigger living room now. It is way too big for what we really need… The roommiea are happy though, “grand bien leur fasse”
I have to say that watching Stewie on this screen is amazing!

Here is a terrible picture of the object

Don’t you love those work days that never end. What a joy to bring excel tables back home and waste your precious time on futilities like work! When I could be productive sitting in my couch watching family guy, building a future for myself!

Damn you work! God I miss being rich ( I used to be a Prince, I’ll tell you in another post)

What a breakfast! Amazing French toasts with strawberry and bannana. Too tired to give a more detailed description.

Tres Bon!

Finally, after 4 years of wait, I did it! Jumped out of a plane again, but this time in tandem. This was an amazing feeling, 1 min of free fall, rush of adrenaline and explosion of feelings!
From 13,000 feet to Earth without a scratch, good job gardian angel!

Only shadow on this accomplishment, is that I don’t feel like it was a big of a deal. No feeling of self-accomplishment…

Everytime I go there I feel like a loser. It is like I go in this filthy place to punish myself for what I am or what I am not…
What a disgusting feeling, but still, I eat there.
I can do better…